Ice concert at Eidsvoll, Norway. February 16th 2014 Celebrating Norways constitution 200 years.

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Terje Isungset: a pioneer in icemusic since 1999. Isungset have since the late 1980’s combined natural
elements in his music through use of wood, stones, metal in their original form, machine sounds etc.

The use of ice was a dream, but seemed unachievable.

In 1999 Terje was commissioned to make a concert held in a frozen waterfall ordered by the Lillehammer Winter Festival. The work was composed for trumpet, vocals, nature percussion and ice. Later that fall Terje was asked to make more icemusic, for the Ice Hotel in Sweden.
This became a part of the worldwide 2000 live New Year TV show.


The first ice music CD ever was recorded at Ice Hotel Sweden in 2001“Iceman Is”. Terje continued his work with the beauty of icemusic and founded All Ice Records in 2005. An independent record company to release music played on ice instruments only (www.all-ice.no). The same year Isungset got the idea of making an icemusic festival. Worlds first Icemusicfestival took place at Geilo-Norway by first full moon 2006 (www.icemusicfestival.no).
In 2007 the first icemusictour ever (in total 33 concerts) was held in Japan, Norway and Spitsbergen. Terje Isungset has developed his own musical universe by using pure frozen water from the lake/river to carve his own instruments.

The beauty of ice.



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